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How it works

With GlooboVoIP you can call anywhere in the world at the lowest rates with the best quality.

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First of all register with GlooboVoIP so you can try our service out for free without obligation. You can manage your contacts and friends, check the calls made, and take advantage of the fantastic promotions.


Top Up

Calling all phones in the world costs very little! You can top up your GlooboVoIP account by credit card, PayPal account or wire transfer.


Calls between registered GlooboVoIP users are FREE!

When you call a friend or contact of yours reachable on a GlooboVoIP application (computer, iPhone, Android) you do not pay for the call. At the beginning of the conversation, an automated message confirms that the call is free.


How to Call

You can call at our incredible rates by downloading our application for Windows, iPhone and Android smartphones or by VoIP phone and VoIP client.


GlooboVoIP National Numbers

GlooboVoIP has national numbers in Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Peru, Poland, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland. What does this mean? If you live or find yourself in one of these countries you can also call from all landline or mobile numbers!


Low cost text messages

Send international text messages at just 0.10 €! Discover the text message broadcast and scheduled text message functions, at no extra charge! Special rate to Italy: only 0.07 € per text message!